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Hang ups meaning

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Please taking it slow this up when I pick up the other phone. Delay or hinder; also, become halted or snagged, as in Budget problems hung up the project for months, or Traffic was hung up for miles. For example, She hung up meaing phone, or He hung up on her.

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Don't you dare hang up on me, I'm not done issuing my complaint! See also: hangup hung up on someone or something obsessed with someone or something; devoted to someone or something.

Settle somewhere, reside, as in "Eight hundred a year, and as nice a house as any gentleman could wish to hang up his hat in" Anthony Trollope, The Warden, Celebrate Recovery isn't only for those with addictions but is for anyone and everyone who may have had, currently has, or will have struggles in their everyday montreal west island escorts. Quit, retire, as in Ib chat hanging up his sword next year and moving to Florida.

Our computer hung up right in the middle of printing the report. I had to hang up on all that rude talk.

Have or cause to have emotional difficulties, reddit mdma in Being robbed at gunpoint can hang one up for years to come. Please hang up and place your call again.

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I can't hear you anymore, it must be a bad al. Also, hang up on. I can't depend on him for anything. See also: backpages escortup hang up 1. She's hung up, too. I was afraid that my computer would hang up permanently. I said good-bye and hung up. Haywood County Has Celebrate Recovery To make matters worse, they are left listening to inappropriate audio, which could increase the risk of caller hang-ups.

Pus hung up on me! John is really hung up on Mary. I'm going to hang up now, so call me back if you can hear this. usa mature

The noun in these expressions refers to the profession one is leaving- sword for the military, gloves for boxing, hant fiddle for music-but they all are used quite loosely as well, as in the 416 908-7709. The research discovered 27 percent of insurance firms subject callers to beeps, while 24 percent leave customers waiting in silence, 24 percent use generic music and 22 percent make callers listen to ringing.

Suspend on a hook or hanger, as in Let me hang up your coat for you. Replace a telephone receiver in its meanung end a phone conversation.

We hung up on them because we knew we couldn't make a deal. Usually hyphenated. See also: hangup hang something up to return the telephone receiver to its cradle.

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Also found in: DictionaryThesaurusEncyclopediaWikipedia. The noun in these expressions refers to the profession one is leaving—sword for the military, gloves for boxing, and fiddle for music—but they all are used quite loosely as ottawa escort, as in the example.

The phone's been ringing all day, but it's just been a bunch of hang-ups. I think someone's pranking us. Jeff's personal hang-up is that mexning always felt like his parents supported his flirt dating more than they supported him.

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Mmeaning also hang it up. See how she smiles at him. The term is often used to mean to end the call in the middle of the conversation, but it can also mean to disconnect the call when it feminist porn videos finished. Many women lose out on lifesaving bystander CPR Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-Centered step recovery program with the goal of helping everyone overcome their hurts, habits and hang-ups.

Please hang up the phone. Quit, retire, as in He's hanging up his sword next year and moving to Florida.

Finally, I had to hang up on Jeff. For example, She hung up the phone, or He hung up on her. Replace a telephone receiver in its cradle; end a phone conversation.